Harsh Mander, AltNews co-founder among favorites to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize Pipa News

Harsh Mander, AltNews co-founder among favorites to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize

Fact-checking website AltNews co-founders Prateek Sinha and Mohammad Zubair and writer and activist Harsh Mander are among the favorites to win this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, according to the shortlist released ahead of the announcement.

The Nobel Peace Prize will be announced on 7 October in Oslo, Norway. Ahead of the announcement, predictions are being made about who and which outfits are the favorites and top-runners to win one of the most prestigious global honors.

Time The magazine, in a report, compiled a list of some of the favorites to win based on nominations made public through Norwegian parliamentarians, bettors’ predictions and nominations selected from the Peace Research Institute Oslo.

The list includes journalists Sinha and Zubair, who “continue to battle misinformation in India. Time The report said that both have lawfully refuted the rumors and fake news circulating on social media and called for hate speech.

Zubair was arrested by the Delhi Police on June 27 for hurting religious sentiments through his tweet.

Time The article said that Zubair’s arrest was condemned by journalists around the world, who argued it was retaliation for his fact-checking work.

Time The list of favorites also includes Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, the United Nations Refugee Agency, Belarusian opposition politician Svyatlana Sichanovskaya, the World Health Organization, Russia’s jailed opposition leader and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny, and Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Henrik Urdal, director of The Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), also released his annual shortlist of potential peace prize winners. His list includes Mandar and the campaign ‘Caravan-e-Mohabbat’ launched in 2017. Urdal also named Sinha and Zubair as other deserving candidates for the award, focused on combating religious extremism and intolerance in India.

“Religious extremism helps to justify discrimination and violence, and creates tension between groups that can result in armed conflict. Significant contribution to fighting religious extremism and promoting inter-religious dialogue hence awarded the Nobel Peace Prize There is a compelling argument to be made. One deserving recipient is Harsh Mander, according to Urdal’s shortlist, with the campaign ‘Caravan-e-Mohabbat’ (“Caravan of Love)” launched in 2017.

Mander is an important voice for religious tolerance and dialogue, and her campaign is an important rallying point for those who oppose interreligious conflict and violence.

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