haveri farmer who brought an ox for bribe notice to corrupt officials mrq Pipa News


haveri farmer who brought an ox for bribe notice to corrupt officials mrq

Haveri: Government work should be done, it is said that it will be done only if money is passed under the table. As if complementing these words, many events come to light. Your News 18 Kannada is unmasking such corrupt officers. It has exposed the face of corruption of many officials in the past. News 18 Kannada has exposed corrupt officials this morning. After News 18 Kannada’s report, the alert Haveri district administration has taken disciplinary action (Notice) against the officials who demanded bribe.

The authorities had demanded a bribe from the farmer who had come to Haveri municipality. The officials had demanded a bribe of 25 thousand rupees to settle the house account for the farmer Yallappa Ranoji. I have no money to bribe the farmer Yallappa who is helpless to pay. So he came to the municipality to take the ox that I have.

Chief Engineer of the Municipality who wrote to the Collector

Your News 18 Kannada reported this morning about the helplessness of farmer Yallappa. Within two hours of the news being broadcast, Rekha Desai, Chief Engineer of the Municipality, wrote a letter to the District Collector to take disciplinary action against the five people related to the case.

Letter of action against the trio

Rekha Desai informed News 18 Kannada that one RI, one RO and three bill collectors have been written for disciplinary action. Deputy Commissioner Raghunandan Murthy said that the chief engineer’s letter will be checked and action will be taken.

Two people died in the accident

The mother and daughter died on the spot as a result of the bike hitting the roadside barrier. This incident took place on Dharwad National Highway No. 4. 20-year-old Sangavva and one-year-old Mayakka died on the spot. A case has been registered in this regard under Garag police station.

Head injury after falling from building

The incident where the child fell from the apartment while playing took place in the BDA apartment near Kengeri, Bangalore. The child sustained a serious head injury in the incident and was admitted to Rajarajeshwari Hospital for treatment.

A horrifying scene of a boy named Rahul falling from the ground while playing has been captured on CCTV. The child’s father Shivappa Maestri was working. The incident took place when the parents were at home. While the mother was feeding another child, the child fell on the chair placed in front of the house.

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11 exiles

Dakshina Kannada district police have deported 11 people with criminal background in the background of the upcoming assembly elections. On the report of the Superintendent of Police, the District Collector has ordered exile from 06 March 2023 to 06 September 2023.

In this background Nazir, Jayaraj Rai of Bantwala, Ibrahim of Puttur, Hakeem Kurnadka, Abubakar Siddiqui, Ubaid BS, Roshan of Kadaba, Prasad, Taslim of Belthangadi and Kiran Kumar have been deported.