Hearing in the High Court on two big issues of the city. Corporation could not answer nine times on water logging and drainage, cost of 25 thousand on commissioner Pipa News

Hearing in the High Court on two big issues of the city. Corporation could not answer nine times on water logging and drainage, cost of 25 thousand on commissioner

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Big potholes like this are seen on the bypass.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Big potholes like this are seen on the bypass.

Corporation set up an army of lawyers but asked for time nine times to answer

The Municipal Corporation did not respond for a long time to the PIL filed regarding the water-logging and poor drainage system in the city during the rainy season. A petition has been filed before the High Court nine times, but the lawyers of the corporation which has an army of lawyers appeared before the court empty-handed. On Tuesday, the non-responsive appearance of the corporation before the court became a burden.

The division bench headed by Chief Justice Ravi Malimath has imposed a cost of Rs 25,000 on the corporator. The Chief Justice has also strongly reprimanded for not submitting the answer for two years, asking for time for the answer on nine applications. He said verbally what a negligence this is. Answer is not being given only on the problem related to public interest. The court has strictly ordered the Municipal Corporation to present the reply in two weeks.

This PIL was filed by social worker Kishore Kodwani. According to this, 280 liters of water is being used per person in the city, but the drainage capacity is only 80 liters. Drainage water flows on the roads every day. The storm water line has also been inserted randomly. The situation of water logging becomes within half an hour of rain. Please tell that the petition was filed about three years ago. The answer was not being presented by the corporation in the court.

NHAI assures the court regarding the dilapidated bypass – will finish the potholes in three months and turn on the street lights

On Tuesday itself, a hearing was also held on the pending public interest litigation regarding the bad condition of Dewas Bypass. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has given an undertaking before the Division Bench headed by Chief Justice Ravi Malimath that filling of potholes, street lights, clear visibility and all other works on the bypass will be completed within three months.

The petition was filed by Matri Foundation. Earlier the contract of its contractor was cancelled. After this, a new contractor was appointed for 63 crores. Even after this, the condition of the bypass did not improve much. Despite getting toll worth lakhs of rupees every day, there are potholes at many places on the bypass. Street lights are also closed at many places, due to which the people who drive at night have to face a lot of trouble. In the rain, plants have grown at many places, due to which the visibility is not clear. Many shortcomings including rescue post, bus by lane, telecom system have not been completed. Where there is an accident prone zone, there is no notice posted there either.

To go towards Bhopal, one has to take a turn under the bridge, the information about this is also not written in a big size. In a hurry, people also go towards the fly. According to advocate Ameya Bajaj, the petition has demanded that a committee be formed for the maintenance of the bypass. NHAI officials have said before the court that all the loopholes in the bypass will be rectified within three months.

Poor condition of city roads

Deadly potholes have also developed from the IT Park intersection of the Eastern Ring Road to Palda Bridge. The potholes are so deep that cars and two wheelers get badly unbalanced. The pits dug for the pipeline at the intersections have been poorly filled. There are pits on the signal just in front of the Industry House, a deep drain has been formed at the lantern intersection. After the green signal, the vehicles have to leave slowly. Due to this, all the vehicles are not able to leave even if there is a green signal four times. Same is the condition of Bhanwarkuan square.

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