Heart surgery on the baby inside the pregnant belly.. AIIMS doctors feat Pipa News


Heart surgery on the baby inside the pregnant belly.. AIIMS doctors feat

A 28-year-old woman was admitted to AIIMS, Delhi for obstetric care. She has already been pregnant three times and three times the baby was stillborn. So this time she was admitted to AIIMS to deliver the baby successfully.

When doctors examined the baby inside the woman’s stomach, it was revealed that the baby had a heart problem. It was found that one of the baby’s heart valves had contracted and blood could not flow smoothly into the heart. A special team consisting of cardiologists, cardiac anesthetists and medical specialists dealing with high-risk pregnancies was appointed to correct the defect in the baby’s heart.

After the team performed thorough examinations, arrangements were made for the child to undergo an intra-abdominal operation.

With ultrasound guidance, a tiny tube is passed through the mother’s abdomen and a small needle is inserted into the baby’s heart to dilate the heart valve and regulate blood flow. The medical team has said that the mother and the baby inside her womb are healthy after this micro operation.

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Both the pregnant mother and the baby are kept under complete medical observation. Doctors have said that such heart disorders can occur in some babies while they are still in the womb, and if the defect is detected and treated while the baby is still in the womb, the baby will have a chance to be born like other babies.

Accordingly, this infant was given cardiac treatment and the medical team said that this is a medical attempt to expand the shrunk infant’s heart by balloon dilation method and this treatment has been carried out very successfully. The doctors have said that they are confident that the baby’s heart will get regular blood flow with this treatment and the baby will be born healthy.

AIIMS Delhi doctors have successfully completed this highly complex heart surgery. Moreover, the doctors have completed this micro-surgery in just 90 minutes. Many people are praising the obstetricians of Delhi AIIMS Hospital for this.

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