Her husband with a quarrel of a lake sitting in a woman

Her husband with a quarrel of a lake sitting in a woman

BANGALORE: You know about Duryodhana, one of the powerful characters of the Mahabharat. Lost by Bheema, Duryodhana sits in the lake of life. Is that the story? Here a woman is sitting in the middle of a lake with her husband (Husband). The wife usually stays with her husband for a couple of days, while holding the backpack on the loan. The quarrel can go as far as the Hodre Divorce. And here the woman is sitting in the middle of the lake with a quarrel. What is the reason for her behavior? What if the husband and wife are the middle? Here’s the full information…

A woman who is in a relationship with her husband

Husband and wife quarrel. Husband and wife quarrel till bedtime. The husband and wife continued to fight, even though they were lying down. A woman who had quarreled with her husband was leaving the house. She went to the center of the lake. Such was the case in Medarapalya, Koramangala, Bangalore.

A woman sitting in the middle of a lake

Both husband and wife are residents of Medarapalya in Koramangala. This morning, the husband and wife had a quarrel. The wife, who is with her husband, has come to the Koramangala lake and is sitting in the middle of the lake. She was sitting there at 7 am until 9 am.

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She is a stubborn woman

The public, walking to the park near the lake, jogged and saw her sitting in the middle of the lake. She came to the lake and inquired about her hard work. It was gone, and now come from there, go home. But she’s not the only one who got up from the middle of the lake.

The cops sent home persuasively

Finally, Koramangala police informed the public. The police then rushed to the spot and advised the woman. After 2 consecutive nights, she got up from the middle of the lake and came ashore.

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A husband who assaulted his wife for breastfeeding her infant

If it is a fairy tale, it is a misnomer. There was an inhumane incident in which a husband beat his wife for breastfeeding a little girl. A strange incident has taken place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, with husbands and wives quarreling about the baby. Husband did not move to hit his wife due to eating habits. Her husband had made such a serious accusation against her husband that he had beaten his wife and complained that she was giving too much milk to the baby and was losing weight.

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