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Hide and seek program – News18 Assam

Rajesh Vaishya, Nalbari: Do you remember playing hide-and-seek in your childhood? If you listen to the words of hide and seek, you will become a psychotic! She had a beautiful childhood

That child may not be able to laugh at the fact that hide-and-seek is a popular game among children. The children spent their childhood playing that game. Of course, there were no specific rules for that game. However, these two are closely related through generations.

Hide-and-seek is played very rarely, two or three people hide in a certain area, which requires one or more searchers. The player who chooses the game closes the knife and it counts the predetermined number. Hide and run away as much as you can. After reaching a certain number, stop the knife and hide in the child’s school in a certain place.

He and all other judges are placed behind the judge. This game has been played by children in different countries. In the past, this game had become a habit either on school days or after school. In today’s time, emphasis was given on making life more interesting and healthy in the entertainment of these sportsmen. The sense of competition between the players was not intense and the question of financial gain was not involved in this competition, due to which the physical and intellectual development of the children was being developed through these players.

The time is not yet Almost all children are not familiar with this game after the use of mobile phones and internet, although in some areas of the city and rural areas, the joy of this game is still enjoyed by children. Hiding under the steps of the house, hiding behind the backs of the ponds, in the house, they are the immediate manifestation of the intelligence of the children who experience this. Chuburi’s business house Biya-Sabah in the first ceremony, you can see the free mind of the children. Over time, urban artificiality has taken over rural areas, although it is also a popular hide-and-seek game played by various Thai children.


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