History of the historical Gurdwara Patshahi 10th Nadha Sahib, know Pipa News

History of the historical Gurdwara Patshahi 10th Nadha Sahib, know

Gurdwara Nadha Sahib, this is the blessed land where Dasam Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji consecrated with his feet, Guru Sahib returned to Sri Anandpur Sahib after winning the war of Bhangani from Bhangani to Paunta Sahib and other places. On his way back, he stayed at this shrine in 1746 Bikarmi. He had ordered the Sangat and the Sikh troops who came with him to rest here for some time. At this time Guru Sahib’s family and elder Sahibzada were in state with Baba Ajit Singh, because Baba Ajit Singh Ji was born in Poonta Sahib, and Guru Sahib was taking him to Sri Anandpur Sahib for the first time.

A luxurious Gurdwara Nadha Sahib now adorns the same holy place, this Gurughar on the banks of Ghaggar river, in the lap of Shivalik hills near Chandigarh gives a feeling of extreme spirituality.

In fact, Bhai Nadhu Shah Lubana, the true devotee of Guru Ghar, lived in this village. When Nadhu Shah came to know about Guru Sahib’s coming here, he reached here and served Guru Ji and the devotees sincerely. Guru Sahib served this servant. Being happy with the service, promised that this place will be known as Nadha Sahib after your name, this place will be rejoicing, the people who will come here with devotion, their wishes will be fulfilled. Due to Guru Sahib’s word, millions of people from all over the world visit this holy place today.

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