Hospital out of reach for these villagers of Kashmir

Dr. Zagu further told us that the Government of India has launched the National Health Rural Mission (NRHM) to address the health needs of the weaker sections of the society. He explains that under the public health umbrella, the sub-centre serves as the first level of contact with a community of 5,000 people. For a population of less than 1,000, the first responders are Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), who provide medical assistance to those in need, especially women and children.

Mariam Bibi (45), an ASHA worker from the village, is a witness to the plight of the people. “The residents here face a lot of difficulty in summer as well as in winter. In snowfall conditions, which can be three to four feet high, it takes hours to reach the main road due to slippery conditions. I deal mostly with pregnant women. In this area and till now, have helped in at least 400 deliveries in their homes. In case of medical emergency, there is every possibility of death as patients do not reach the hospital on time, “Mary informed 101Reporters.

ASHA worker Maryam Bibi has helped in conducting more than 400 deliveries in and around Poru Kalnag village.

“In 2018, Parveena Bano (28), a pregnant woman, went into labor, and while the family was taking her to the hospital, she gave birth to twins on the way. Lack of proper medical attention during delivery resulted in the immediate death of one child. There are many such horrifying tales of death, but who listens to the pain of such unlucky people.

“All medical facilities available”, claims BMO

Meanwhile, Dr. Gauhar Ali, Block Medical Officer (BMO), Kokernag, claimed: “We treat almost every patient in Kokernag sub-hospital as almost all facilities are available. We do general surgery, delivery, lower segment caesarean section. (LSCS) and, if necessary, patients are also kept under observation by being admitted to our health facility.”

Dr Ali also oversees the sub-district hospital at Kokernag.

Local politician and advocate Mohammad Salim points out that the right to health is a fundamental right given to every citizen of this country by the Constitution of India. “As a political activist, I will take up this issue with the administration,” he promised.

Even in this modern time people from far flung areas are dying due to lack of basic health care. The government claims to have done a lot in terms of development of health facilities in rural areas, but in villages like Poru Kalnag, when people fall seriously ill, they cannot believe that they will even make it to the hospital,” said Salim. commented. hopeless state of affairs.


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