Hours after global outage, Instagram restored in Pakistan Pipa News

Hours after global outage, Instagram restored in Pakistan

Islamabad: After a recent few hours, Meta-owned photo-sharing website Instagram was restored in various countries including Pakistan.

According to DownDetector, Instagram was not working for users in certain areas as reported by several users, and others took to Twitter to provide updates about the outage, which combined status data from various sources. Compiles and detects bugs and outages.

Instagram tweeted a similar announcement: “Instagram is back! We’re sorry for the inconvenience; the issue that caused the brief outage has been fixed. #Instagramdown”

A Meta spokesperson raised a technical issue that was causing Instagram to malfunction in a comment. He also apologized for the inconvenience and claimed that the issue has been fixed for everyone.

In late September last year, Instagram experienced a global outage, and in the months since, a large number of users have reported various bugs.

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