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How big is the truth of the lack of teachers in the government? An important revelation came out

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Lahore: An important revelation has come out in the preliminary report on the issue of shortage of teachers in the Punjab government.

According to details, the school education department has prepared a preliminary report on the shortage of teachers in the Punjab government.

Where thousands of recruited teachers were revealed to have been transferred to other districts, government teachers chose another district to be recruited.

Teachers move to their district or school closer to home, teachers even change different subject sets to transfer.

Teachers are recruited in various schools but are not on duty there, while in most schools in the province, there are more teachers than students.

In various schools in Punjab, there are one to two teachers for every dozen children as most of the teachers have transferred to other departments including the Punjab Textbook Board while many teachers have joined the official cadre. .

It has been decided to rationalize all the teachers in the province this month, the Minister of Education Ranaskundarhiyat said that those who will be sent back to the place where they were recruited will also send teachers who work in administrative institutions.

Rana Sikandar Hayat said that there is a huge shortage of teachers due to unnecessary transfer post, teachers are not re-recruited in this seat after unnecessary transfer, there is a full investigation of unnecessary transfer.


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