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How does Yasir Hussain deal with his wife’s superstardom?

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Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz are a superstar duo. Both artists managed to take the industry by storm.

Yasir only works on projects he likes, while Iqra is now one of the biggest stars in the country.

As famous celebrity marriages have been tough for the past few years, many are wondering how Yasir and Iqra maintain a happy home. Yasir gave some clear answers about this in Ift Umar’s show.

He revealed how he copes with his superstar wife’s stardom. He said that he is proud of Iqra’s achievements and that she is his best friend.

Yasir Hussain always praised Iqra’s work and thought that it was “my wife” who got all this fame and love.

He added that being a theater actor also helped him stay humble. They don’t let jealousy get the better of them and are happy within their limits.

Yasir Hussain also said that after marriage he gave his apartment in Islamabad to Iqra. When a friend asked Yasir what would happen if Iqra left you. Yasser told him that if his wife left him, it would be a greater tragedy for him than losing his apartment.

He also talked about Iqra’s uniqueness as an artist. He said that Iqra can easily play the role of a rich girl and a poor girl. It is not easy for everyone in the industry and therefore helps him to be more successful in his field.

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