Husband romancing GF in hotel; The wife caught both of them red-handed…; Watch the VIDEO Pipa News

Husband romancing GF in hotel; The wife caught both of them red-handed…; Watch the VIDEO

Agra, September 21 : A husband-wife high-voltage drama was witnessed in a hotel in Agra. A wife catches her husband having a romance in a hotel. The husband was in the hotel with his girlfriend. Then the wife reached there. After that she made a good fight with her husband and his girlfriend. She washed both of them. This video is going viral on social media. According to information, this incident took place in a hotel in Hari Parbat area. A person came to this hotel with his girlfriend. She got his information and also came to the hotel. She went to this hotel with her brother and there she slept. Both have been washed with shoes. For several hours, she teased both of them.

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According to information, the woman has been married for many years. Her husband works in a nursing home. Both have a 16-year-old daughter. She was disgusted with her husband’s behavior. So Maheri lived. But she was focused on her husband. That’s when she came to know about it and reached this hotel with her brother. This rada starts till late at night. The video of which has also gone viral.

You can see in the video how she is seen hitting both of them with shoes. The husband folds his hands and apologizes to her. But she doesn’t hear anything. Then calls the husband’s girlfriend’s husband as well. Then the police was informed about it.

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