Hyderabad: Cold grips Hyderabad.. Will temperatures drop to single digits? Pipa News

Hyderabad: Cold grips Hyderabad.. Will temperatures drop to single digits?

In Telangana, many parts of Telangana are affected by winter. Especially in the capital Hyderabad (Hyderabad) city, the cold has increased tremendously. Due to this, a large number of people are suffering from fever. Moreover, as the temperature increases and the temperature drops, they are suffering from many diseases. Despite the reduction of covid, people are suffering from respiratory infections, seasonal fevers, asthma and allergies due to the cold wave. As the cold increases, people are suffering from these diseases.

The cold effect usually lasts till the end of February. Then gradually decreases. The Indian Meteorological Department has warned that the temperatures will drop and the cold intensity will increase in the next few days. The Hyderabad Meteorological Center has also warned that temperatures are likely to drop to single digits in the next few days in many parts of North Telangana, including Hyderabad city. Doctors also suggest that people should be alert for the diseases that follow with the increase in cold.

Viral infections spread with Covid positive cases in winter last year. But this winter, seasonal flu and respiratory diseases are taking their toll. Along with this, the cases of fever, pneumonia and bronchial inflammation are increasing. Doctors suggest that pregnant women, children, elderly people with medical conditions should be careful. Dr K Shankar, Superintendent of Hyderabad Fever Hospital, said that it is better for such people to wear a mask while going out.

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Cold air in winter triggers asthma. In asthma patients, the lining of the airways swells and the airways become narrow. The formation of phlegm also causes difficulty in breathing. Asthma patients are more affected by cold. Asthma requires long-term treatment. Doctors say that inhalers can give some relief to asthma sufferers. They suggest that children and adults with asthma problems follow inhalation therapy. Hyderabad Chest Hospital Superintendent Mahbub Khan suggested that asthma treatment should not be stopped without doctor’s advice and consultation.

Allergies are more common in winter. Generally, such cases increase up to 40 percent in winter. Most of these allergies come from dust and mites. Allergy is a skin disease that causes dryness, itching and red rashes on the body. In winter, ventilation problem occurs in houses with closed windows. It promotes the growth of fungi. Doctors say that cold air also increases allergies. That’s why doctors suggest to take proper precautions to avoid getting cold.

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