‘I don’t want politics’, says wife of Howrah man who died protest molest bid on daughter. Sangbad Pratidin Pipa News

‘I don’t want politics’, says wife of Howrah man who died protest molest bid on daughter. Sangbad Pratidin

Monirul Islam, Uluberia: The wife of the deceased does not want politics over the death of the father who killed the miscreants while protecting the honor of his daughter in Shyampur. Howrah clarified to the rural BJP leadership, “I don’t want any politics. You can stay with us if you want.” Police have arrested three people in this incident. Meanwhile, the whole area is still quiet.

On Wednesday, the Howrah Rural District Committee of the BJP also met the family of the deceased. The BJP leadership claimed the deceased as their member. He also told about staying with the deceased’s wife. Although the deceased’s wife is clear in this regard, she does not want any politics. And her husband also practically denied being a BJP worker. The deceased’s wife said, “I don’t want any politics. You can stay with us if you want.”

In the afternoon, a protest march was held from Shyampur Junction to Shyampur Police Station by the rural BJP. There, a demand was made to change the OC of Shyampur police station. Activists-supporters protested by sitting in front of the police station. Later some members submitted memorandums to the OC. Meanwhile, BJP workers and supporters got angry and tried to break the barricade in front of the police station. There was a scuffle with the police. Protesters threw shoes at the police. However, the police moderated the protests.

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Three people have been arrested so far in this incident. Accused Kilton Bagh was arrested on Tuesday. That night another accused Shantanu Hapar was arrested by the police. The police of Shyampur police station arrested the third accused Teton Bagh on Wednesday morning. The police filed a POCSO case against them for murder and conspiracy. Kilton and Teton were named in the FIR of the deceased’s family, but Shantanu’s name was not. But in the police investigation, Shantanu’s name is also known. He was also arrested. It is known that Kilton and Liton are brothers and Shantanu is brother-in-law in Kilton’s relationship.

Superintendent of Police of Howrah rural area Swati Bangalia came to Gobindpur area on Wednesday. From Shyampur Bagnan Road northwards, the paved road descends from Buritla stop. A few kilometers away from that road is the house of the deceased and the victim. And the incident of molestation and murder of the victim’s father took place in Khidirpur area of ​​Gobindpur. Swati Bhangalia visited the concerned spot. Superintendent of Police Swati Bhangalia said, “We have arrested all the three accused in this incident. Legal action is being taken against them.”

According to the locals, there is a thriving liquor business in that area. His main panda is Shantanu. He has a virtually illegal dealership of liquor. Shantanui supplies Cholai to that area and various areas of Shyampur. His associates are son-in-law Kilton and brother Teton Bagh. Shantanud’s family business of brewing. His grandfather used to do this business.

Later his father was also associated with this business. Later his father closed the business due to pressure from local residents. Shantanur started brewing business from 15 years ago. But it was stopped due to local pressure. Currently, Shantanu brings Cholai from different places of Uluberia and supplies it to different areas of Shyampur. According to a local woman, Gutkha, tea, packets of chips are arranged like a shop in front of the shop, behind which the brewing business is going on in the area. The police are silent despite knowing everything. In this regard Swati Bhangalia, Superintendent of Police of rural area of ​​Howrah, said, “We conduct raids in the area at different times. Even then, I got news that someone is running a small business somewhere. We will step up operations further.”

[আরও পড়ুন: বাসিন্দাদের অ্যাকাউন্টে বিপুল লেনদেন, জানেনই না গ্রামবাসীরা, সিউড়িতে CBI হানায় মিলল তথ্য]

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