‘I will die’, Tripura minister throws chair after Manik’s name announced – News18 Bangla

‘I will die’, Tripura minister throws chair after Manik’s name announced – News18 Bangla

#Agartala: Tripura BJP’s factionalism could not be resolved even after changing the Chief Minister On the contrary, the BJP leadership was uneasy at the protest of a state minister after the announcement of the name of the chief minister. Minister Ramprasad Pal angrily picked up the chair and threw it at Manik Sahak. He kept shouting, “I’m going to die, this party won’t do it again.”

On the same day after the resignation of Biplob Deb, the BJP leadership finalized the name of Manik Saha as the next Chief Minister. But after Manik’s name was announced, state minister Ramprasad Pal erupted in anger at the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting. Ramprasad has always been known as the Manik Saha opposition group

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Two central leaders of the party, Bhupendra Yadav and Binod Taore, were present at the BJP’s parliamentary party meeting to select a new chief minister. Ramprasad erupted in anger in front of them He kept shouting in anger at the place where the meeting was taking place At that time, the BJP leaders and MLAs were practically unprepared In the end, some leaders of the party brought out Ram Prasad Pal Even then, Ramprasad could not be calmed He picked up a plastic chair near his hand and went to throw it

Another minister of state, Sushant Chowdhury, went to pacify his fellow minister But it did not work In front of the media, Ramprasad Pal kept saying, “I will not do this party again, I will die.”

Ramprasad Pal has always been known as the opposition group of Manik Saha He also wrote a letter to remove Manik Saha from the post of BJP state president However, in the end, Ramprasad’s objection was not washed away Manik Saha’s name has been officially announced as the new Chief Minister However, the manner in which a minister like Ramprasad has publicly expressed his displeasure on this day raises the question of how smooth the path of the new Chief Minister of Tripura, who will take charge a year before the Assembly elections, will be.

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