If a regional power like China is on its way to become a superpower, we have to be ready for change: Jaishankar – ThePrint

Bengaluru, Aug 12 (PTI) External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said India will have to be prepared for “destabilizing changes” as it moves towards becoming a superpower like China.

Jaishankar was interacting with the students of PES University here.

When asked about the implications of the current situation with respect to China and Taiwan, he said, “If you are talking about the widespread presence of China around the coastal areas, including the Indian Ocean region, then I believe that India should have a say in this. Assessment and evaluation, including the impact on our own security. Because historically we have always seen China as a country to our north. We are keeping an eye on this situation.

“When a power is moving from a regional power to a superpower, very volatile changes take place and our country has to be prepared for these changes,” he said. When our interests are involved, I think it matters a lot that we are very clear and determined to defend our interests.’

On the question of permanent membership of the UN Security Council, the External Affairs Minister said that this is a big issue and it will not happen easily because the world is not a liberal place and countries have to fight a lot for what they get.

Bhasha Vaibhav Simmi


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