If there is a flood for that livelihood, there will be an uproar in that village..! Pipa News


If there is a flood for that livelihood, there will be an uproar in that village..!

Anand mohan, news 18, visakhapatnam

If there is a flood for that livelihood, the people in that village are upset. Due to the flood, many houses in the village have already been submerged in the river bed. This village has already been eroded up to 20 meters due to flood erosion. Little by little, that river that is merging into itself is Vamsadara river. That village is Geddavanipet. The woe of the villagers.

What you are seeing now is Geddavanipet village in Narasannapet constituency of Srikakulam district… This village is adjacent to Vamsadhara river and the main crop of this village is rice. Now there are only 70 families staying there. In the past there were 300 families in this same village… It is known that this number has decreased with the passage of time as the Vamsdara River joins the village.

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It is known that young and old people have migrated in this village. Irrigation officers and local leaders make announcements in the Zilla Parishad review meetings that they are taking measures to prevent any village from being in the river bed.. But this village is proof that there is no practice in the field.

This lineage is living in the district. When the rainy season comes here, this is a village that spends its life in the hands of a lot of bikku bikku… At present, the river has advanced up to 20 meters and has engulfed this village. They say that along with their village, acres upon acres of cultivated land has also been swallowed up by the river.

56 crore rupees had also been sanctioned in the past. The then government also conducted surveys on this.. Big stones were placed to prevent water from coming near. A look at the eroded embankment shows that even though stones were placed here and there to divert the river from Komanapalli, it could not control the flow of water. Even though the previous government said that they would also cut the restrictions, the authorities did not put it into practice. The villagers are expressing their grief that they do not understand why they are doing this even though they have funds.

Although there is such a river, even drinking water is difficult for them. If they want drinking water in the village, this river is their destiny… Children and adults all carry water in this river with buckets. They dig wells nearby and add water. They take it to the house and prepare drinking water by rubbing it called indpi picka. Here many women leaders and officials are coming. When I was a child, there was a village in the middle of that river… now the village is here.

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