If water is not delivered to the last part in two days, the road will be blocked – M. Srinivasa Pipa News


If water is not delivered to the last part in two days, the road will be blocked – M. Srinivasa

Although the Tungabhadra reservoir is full, the water does not reach the last part where no drop of water is seen; Farmers are worried
Sirawar, September 21- Although the Tungabhadra Reservoir is full and the water is flowing into the river, no drop of water is coming to the last part of Sirawar. This is due to the illegal intake of water at the top. The farmers were worried and farmer leader M. Srinivasa warned the authorities that if the scheduled gauge maintenance is not done in the last part of Sirawar mile 104 in the next two days, they will block the road and protest.
The officer of Sirwara sub-division of Irrigation Department submitted a request in the presence of hundreds of farmers and spoke to them, every year they struggle to bring water to the last part. There is a lack of adequate staff in the irrigation office of Sirwara Division, especially the AEE of the sub-division and both the junior engineers are women and they are failing to manage adequate water, the district administration and the Chief Engineer of Irrigation Department. He warned that the interests of the farmers should be protected by providing adequate water to the last part. The rice, cotton and sorghum crops grown in their fields are drying up without water. In the next two days, if the gauge is not maintained at mile 104 of the last part of Sirwar, they will protest by blocking the road on the Raichur-Belagavi highway in front of the Sirwar Irrigation Office.
On this occasion Kallur Basavaraja Nayaka, HK Amaresha, Yallappa, S. Sundarraj, Durugappa, Basavaraja Dalpati Jalapuru, Ranganna, Nagaraja, B. Shivaraja Gowda, D. Rangappa, Thimmaiah, Ahmed Saba, HK Sharanappa, Arjunarao Darshankar, There were many farmers like Durugayya, Mahamuni, Shanthakumar Dhaba, Sunna Nagaraja Chinnan, Basavaraja Kori Sri.