“If you use Rajinikanth’s name, voice, photo without permission…’-lawyer warns Pipa News


“If you use Rajinikanth’s name, voice, photo without permission…’-lawyer warns

A public announcement has been made that legal and criminal action will be taken against actor Rajinikanth for using his name, photograph and voice without his permission.

Actor Rajinikanth’s lawyer S.Ilambharathi has issued a public announcement in this regard. It said, “Shivaji Rao Gaekwad alias Rajinikanth, a popular, acclaimed and successful actor in the world of Indian cinema, is known as a ‘superstar’ by millions of fans around the world for his charisma and character as an actor and as a human being.


The fan base and respect across the film industry is unmatched. Undeniable. In the said notification, any damage to his reputation or personality would cause great loss to Rajinikanth. While Rajinikanth has all aspects of personality, publicity and rights, it has come to his attention that various platforms, media and various production companies are misusing his name, voice, photograph, caricature, film, art film, computer artificial intelligence image.


They use it to entice the public to buy their products and access their site and media. The notice issued by lawyer Yumbharathi stated that the unauthorized use of Rajinikanth’s unique image, name, photographs and likeness on various platforms including digital platforms may cause confusion and confusion among the public.


Therefore, any infringement of rights in all aspects of Rajinikanth’s personality, including his name, voice, image and other unique elements, will result in legal and criminal action being taken against the concerned persons.”