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Imran Khan drowned in shame; Caretaker Information Minister Punjab Aamir Mir

Punjab’s Caretaker Information Minister Aamir Mir has advised Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan to drown himself after receiving five and a half million US dollars in the name of 25 so-called martyrs of PTI.

Information Minister Amir Mir said that Lalchi Khan has admitted to taking 534 thousand dollars as aid from the Pakistani American community by claiming fake bodies. Khan Sahib should die of shame for embezzling dollars on the basis of a black lie, because the way he staged riots across Pakistan on May 9 and attacked defense institutions is a shameful act. He said that this foreign funding on behalf of Imran Khan and his followers will also be used to spread chaos and disorder like May 9.

Aamir Mir said that on May 9, the Punjab Police was banned from using weapons so that there would be no bloodshed, so Imran Khan’s claim that 25 people were killed is the biggest lie in recent history.

Also, Punjab government spokesperson Aamir Mir denied the propaganda being done on social media regarding Justice Ijaz Buttar and said that the Punjab government is not bringing any reference against Justice Ijaz Buttar, the judge of Anti-Terrorism Court Lahore.

Information Minister Aamir Mir said in his tweet that the propaganda on social media in this regard is false and baseless. The main purpose of propaganda is to create misunderstandings between the government and the judiciary.

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