Imran Tosha Khan scandal in the hands of Lahore High Court

At present there is a difference of two votes in Punjab. PML-N is trying to convince its two angry MPAs so that the difference becomes four. The most important issue is the by-election of 20 constituencies. PML-N has set a target of winning 15 seats. If it goes down, Hamza will have a margin of two to three votes, Majid Nizami

I still don’t understand that the unit of the organization we used to mention has a command, what kind of policy is that there is polarization everywhere and why, my question is what is the command at the moment? Why does Nadia Naqi seem to be unable to control?

In the by-elections, I estimate that 5 seats will go to the PTI and 15 to the PML-N. There will be fierce competition for two seats in Lahore, but in the current spectacle in the country, will Hamza be allowed to go there? The fact is that Hamza had a majority in the assembly, Iftikhar Ahmed

If the PTI has evidence of interference, they should bring it before the nation. It will be a service to democracy. Just talking will not do anything. For example, what happened in Karachi, I have evidence, there are videos that have been stamped there, I hope the Election Commission will take strict notice, Iftikhar Ahmed

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