In AP, the tracks are in the field Pipa News

In AP, the tracks are in the field

In AP, the tracks are in the field

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  • In AP, the tracks are in the field
  • The way of Telugu states in solving land problems
  • Permanent solutions there.. New problems here
  • AP is doing land survey, setting boundary stones and giving out pass books
  • New passbooks with old records without field inquiry in the state
  • Correction of mistakes with ‘mee bhoomi’ in AP
  • We have records full of errors
  • There is a Mandlanico Appellate Tribunal for settlement of disputes
  • The previous Revenue Courts here are also abolished
  • The farmers of the state are facing serious problems with old and new land problems

Karimnagar, Velak: Chief Ministers of Telangana and AP states have made announcements on different occasions saying, “We will clean the land records which have become full of mistakes.. We will conduct a comprehensive land survey and give new pass books to the farmers.. We will solve the land disputes permanently”. But the Telangana government is not working for the solution of the land problems of the neighboring state. In AP, the officers who are doing the land survey according to the survey numbers, are laying the boundary stones in the presence of the farmers and giving the pass books there. But there is no comprehensive land survey in the cleansing of land records undertaken in Telangana. No field verification. Based on old records, Makki Makki was uploaded online and the same data was brought as Dharani. If they are solving problems with ‘Mee Bhumi’ portal in AP, they have created new problems with Dharani portal in Telangana. While Mandalanico Appellate Tribunal was established to resolve disputes in AP.. Revenue Courts in our state were abolished and even the chance to appeal on land disputes was deprived.

Bringing forward the old records..

Even before AP, the government started cleaning the land records in our state. CM KCR said that at the field level, all the lands will be measured every inch according to the survey numbers and the records will be modified, accordingly, when the new passbooks come, in the future there will not be only Gettu Panchayats. Purification of records started on September 15, 2017 on his orders. While the necessary manpower, technology and infrastructure should be provided and the records cleaned according to a method, no such exercise was done. They set a target for the revenue staff and tried to issue new pass books by March 2018. No field survey was done anywhere as only six months were given. The old records were brought forward and uploaded online. These were registered in the newly brought Dharani Porter.

Can’t care about problems..

The officials ignored the problems like more land in the records and less land in the field, more land in the field and less land in the records. The names of the old owners were added to the lands that were sold under common names through sadabainamas, and the lands that were registered in the names of others and pending mutation at the time of the purge. The names of nobles and desh mukhs who had left their lands were recorded in the pattadaru column. There are many such incidents which have not come out.

l 697 acres have been registered in the name of Raja Venkata Murali Manohar Rao in Mughal Pahad of Antar Gam mandal of Peddapalli district.
1,842 acres have been raised in Dharani in Nutanakal mandal of Suryapet district in the name of heirs of Errapahad Dora.
It is understandable how blindly the purge of records went.
l Although all the plots were sold in the non-layout ventures.. again all the ventures were recorded as agricultural lands. Pass books were issued in the name of old graduates.
l There were mistakes in the names. Lakhs of acres of land were entered in the records in the name of ‘Sri, Pattadaru name unknown, 9999, 666’.
l After giving for canals, roads and other government needs, remaining private patta lands, assigned lands given to ex-servicemen and freedom fighters have been included in the prohibited list.
l Patta lands in some villages were named as forest, inam, assigned, devadaya, waqf and the nature of the land itself was changed.
l Tens of survey numbers and bye numbers are missing in each village.

There are more than 150 land issues in every village

There are lakhs of problems of every type and land. More than 12 lakh applications have been received on various issues in two and a half years after the Dharani portal came into force through the available modules. Due to cleansing of records and dharani, the land problems in the state have not been solved but many new problems have come to the fore. 150 to 300 land issues are pending in each village. 50 to 100 civil cases are filed in the courts every day. Farmers are being punished for the mistakes made by revenue officers and staff.

This is the case in both states

As part of cleansing of land records, Rs.1000 crores were spent first. 4,500 survey teams and 2,000 rovers initiated the resurvey of the land and successfully completed it. A map with latitude and longitude is given separately for each land. The records have been made available in the villages. In the manifesto of 2014, it was announced that a comprehensive land survey would be carried out, but it was not done. Record to record in 2017 but did not go to the field. CM KCR announced in June 2021 that after the failure of Dharani, a comprehensive land survey will be undertaken in Telangana. Although funds were allocated in the budget for two years, the survey did not start. At present, if there is a fight in the state, the limits of the entire survey number are shown.. There is no condition of showing the limits of the bye numbers in that number.

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