In Kawardha, five killed in road accident in 15 days, increasing number of injured PiPa News

In Kawardha, five killed in road accident in 15 days, increasing number of injured

Publish Date: | Wed, 25 May 2022 11:46 PM (IST)

Kawardha (Naiduniya News). Road accidents are not being curbed in the district. Accidents have increased due to negligence. Every second to third day one person is dying due to road accidents. Within 15 days, 5 people have died in road accidents in the district. Apart from this, the graph of injured is also increasing continuously. Between five and six o’clock in the evening on Wednesday evening, a motorcycle rider died on the spot again in a road accident on the village Newari-Dabrabhath road. This is the fifth death in the last 15 days. Despite road safety campaign, distribution of pamphlets and wearing helmets are mandatory for safe traffic, the roads of the district are turning red with blood due to the frequent accidents. If we look at the figures of the police department, every second to third day in the district, one person is losing his life and three people are getting injured in road accidents.

Drunk driving is the main cause of road accidents. The police also believes that driving under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants only makes drivers uncontrollable and road accidents are increasing. It has a large number of motorcyclists, but car, pickup, matador, tractor and truck drivers are not far behind. They are putting the lives of others as well as themselves in trouble.

Accidents increased due to small negligence: Within 15 days this month itself, four people including an aggrieved person have died in a road accident. While more than 25 people have been injured. On May 2, Dhanilal Gond (34) died in a road accident at Bachedi Chowk. On the same day, the vehicle overturned at Ghanikhunta Ghat, injuring 10 people. On May 4, the tractor overturned on its way to Jaitpuri, killing the driver, Ashok Patel (26), and injuring three others. On May 8, 80-year-old Dhulgan Kaushik was a victim of a road accident near Khairjhiti Bazar Chowk. On May 10, six-year-old Badha was hit by a truck.

Due to the DJ, the life of the innocent, shadow mourning in the village: Playing DJ on the National Highway was heavy for a friend and his family. The incident happened on May 10 at 10 am. The wedding was taking place in village Dashrangpur, in which DJ was engaged. This DJ was on the National Highway itself. There was a crowd of villagers and friends. Meanwhile, the truck was coming from Raipur to empty Pipariya after loading cement. While taking side from DJ the truck was moving forward that six year old Yuvraj father Sanjay Sahu village Dashrangpur truck

got hit by. Badha got stuck in the front wheel of the truck, due to which he died. The situation was becoming uncontrollable due to the accident, Dashrangpur police outpost arrested the truck driver Vishram Ghritalhar (28), resident of Bhatapara district, Baloda Bazar. SDM Kawardha sent District Jail Kawardha. The accidents that happen outside the city by motor cycle and car are due to speeding. The speed of such vehicles is more than 80 kilometers per hour, while its parameters are fixed. The maximum speed should be 20 within the city and 40 kmph outside the city, but the norms are not followed and accidents happen.

ignore the helmet

Most of the deaths that occur during road accidents are due to serious head injuries. Not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle is proved to be a huge mistake when the head first hits the ground during an accident. The main cause of death in 70 percent of road accidents is due to severe head injury. That is why wearing a helmet has been made mandatory.

invoice action

The awareness campaign of the police administration has only become formal. On the other hand, the challaning process is going on continuously. In 15 days this month, the district police took challan action of Rs 34 thousand on 103 cases under the Digar Motor Vehicle Act. Despite this, there is neither awareness nor taking lessons among the drivers. Drivers are becoming victims of accidents due to their own carelessness.

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