In the first phase, 60 percent of the votes were cast in Gujarat, campaigning continued even on the polling day Pipa News

In the first phase, 60 percent of the votes were cast in Gujarat, campaigning continued even on the polling day

#Gujarat: Somehow 60 percent votes were cast in Gujarat in the first phase of assembly elections. At the end of the voting session at 5 pm, it was revealed that only 60.20 percent of the people voted in Gujarat throughout the day.

In the Modi-Shah state of Gujarat, the first phase of assembly polls was held on Thursday. On this day, voting was held in 89 constituencies in 19 districts of Saurashtra, Kutch and South Gujarat. 788 candidates contested the polls. Among them there were 89 candidates of BJP and Congress. There were 88 candidates of UP. Also, the number of independent candidates contesting the polls was 339. Out of 788 candidates in the first round, the number of women was only 70. Polling started from 8 am on Thursday. Lasts till 5pm.

Since this morning, however, there has not been much enthusiasm among the public regarding the voting. Only 4.2% polling was recorded till 9 am. It rose to 18.95% at 11 am. Finally, after 3 pm, it was informed by the Election Commission that 48.48% of votes have been cast so far. After 5 pm that voter turnout reached 60.20%.

The campaign for the first round of voting ended on Tuesday. But on Thursday, i.e., the day of voting, the election campaign for the second round of voting went on in full swing. A 40-km road-show from Modi’s meeting at Kalol-Himmatnagar in Gujarat to Ahmedabad. Amit Shah also campaigned on the polling day. The Home Minister conducted a road-show in Ahmedabad this morning. On the other hand, Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel campaigned in the road show.

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On this day, the Prime Minister spoke for the first time about Congress President Mallikarjun Kharg’s ‘Ravana’ comment in the public meeting at Kalol. Said, “Heard, respected Khargeji compared Ravana with me. Those who never accepted the existence of Rama, they are again pulling Ravana from Ramayana.” In Modi’s words, after making such comments, regret is far from being expressed, regret is not even done.

Amit Shah also did not stop taunting Kharge on this day. In an interview to a news agency, Shah said, “History says that every time the Congress uses profanity, the people of Gujarat respond to it at the ballot box.” Incidentally, earlier, during the 2007 Gujarat assembly elections, Sonia Gandhi had called the then Chief Minister of that state, Narendra Modi, ‘Moat ka Saudagar’. BJP got a landslide victory in Gujarat elections that time too.

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In the 2017 elections, out of 89 polling stations in the first phase, the BJP won 48 seats. 40 seats went to Congress. One seat was won by an independent candidate.

However, this time the figure may be slightly different. Because Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is going to be an important factor in the assembly elections in 2022. How many of these 89 seats the BJP can retain, and how many the Congress, and how many seats the AAP will hold, will be revealed on December 8.

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