In Valsad the husband killed his wife

Bharatsinh Vadher, Valsad: In Pipalpada village of Dharampur taluka of Valsad district, a husband has come to know about the murder of his own wife. After killing his wife (Husband Killed Wife), the killer’s husband went home and fell asleep. And in the morning he called his daughter to say he had beaten his mother and left the house. In the incident, a husband killed his wife for a trivial reason. The reason has come out. The police themselves were shocked to learn that.

There is an atmosphere of weeping in the Padvi family living in the middle of Pipalpada village in Dharampur taluka of Valsad district. Because Ramchandra Padvi, the Mobhi of this family, had killed his own wife Jamna Ben Padvi’s Karpin. The couple had three children during their marriage. There was a happy atmosphere in the family with two sons and a daughter. But both the sons lived in another city outside the village for employment. So the daughter also lived with her father-in-law after marriage.

During this time, there were frequent quarrels between the couple living alone. Family quarrels often escalated into a full-blown affair, and neighbors often tried to persuade the couple. But just two days ago, Ramchandra Padvi killed his wife Jamna Ben’s Karpin and hit her on the head with a wooden stick.

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However, the daughter of the deceased had lodged a complaint against her father at the Dharampur police station in connection with the murder of her mother. Dharampur police arrested the killer’s husband just in time for the count and pushed him behind bars.

After the arrest of the killer’s husband, the police interrogated him in a prominent manner and a shocking revelation was made about the cause of his wife’s death. In just one trivial matter, the husband killed his wife’s cousin. On the day of the incident both laborers went out of work sense. The wife was a little late in cooking after coming from outside. So there was a quarrel between the husband and wife over making the cooking late. The quarrel escalated when husband Ramchandra Padvi hit his wife on the head with a stick. The wife fainted and collapsed.

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However, the husband was still sleeping at home after hitting his wife. The next morning when he tried to call his wife, he pretended not to speak and took the compost and left the house. And called his daughter. On the phone, the killer’s husband told his daughter that her mother had been hit in the head and that she had fainted and fallen into the house. So he ran away from home asking to come home. However, he was caught by the police during the counting.

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