Includes commercials: Welcome to the future of streaming – Perspectives Pipa News

Includes commercials: Welcome to the future of streaming – Perspectives

The current global economic climate is a difficult time for all and the technology sector is no exception. While companies specializing in hardware are struggling to arrange components such as semiconductor chips, motherboards and cameras, the subscription space has its own problems.

Streaming companies are unable to retain subscribers as users want to cancel subscriptions due to rising costs.

Energy and food prices are rising all over the world and financial advisors as well as governments of many countries are advising the public to cut non-essential spending, which is directly affecting some sectors including audio and video streaming .

As a result, streaming platforms are rushing to repossess and release subscription tiers that will not be costly and also retain consumers.

Recently, Netflix introduced a cheaper price tier for its users but there is a catch – it comes with ads.

This is a concern as ads are one of the most hated features in the digital space. Therefore, it is unsurprising that a company would release an option for users who join them.

Amazon Prime also has ads in all levels and it is possible that Netflix took cues from its success before making a decision. The price hike at this point means a huge drop in Netflix users, so this is the option the firm has come up with.

Either way, video-streaming fans should now be prepared for a future filled with commercials as it becomes inevitable and even streaming giants like Netflix have embraced this fact with their new price tier. is accepted.

Netflix names Microsoft as partner for ad-supported subscription plan

Other companies are also expected to follow suit and soon, everyone will be running on an affordable ad-supported price slab.

A similar trend was seen when most smartphone giants removed the headphone jack and charging bricks just after Apple announced it would no longer include both of these items in its phones.

YouTube, on the other hand, is also testing 7-10 ads before the start of a video to force consumers to buy its premium subscription.

YouTube is notorious for its advertising strategy as the company leaves no stone unturned to broadcast them to consumers in a variety of ways.

As long as users find a way, the company adds new strategies to show them. Initially, YouTube showed an ad before a video, but now, they pop up multiple times in longer videos. If it implements the 7-10 ad per video strategy, consumers will surely be upset.

This will further increase the popularity of ad-blockers. Recently, ad-blocking applications have done a good job of detecting and blocking applications and companies have turned to ads to continue their business. It seems that these applications will be suitable for everyone.

Netflix subscribers fall for the first time in a decade, shares fall 24%

Furthermore, with the kind of variable quality content seen in content these days compared to a few years ago, users do not see any benefit in maintaining subscriptions to streaming services, especially across multiple platforms, as the streaming battles viewership. continues to hold a large share.

Some have resorted to sharing accounts and passwords with friends, resulting in a win-win scenario for all parties involved. Others are canceling their subscriptions immediately, instead buying one month of access if they want to watch a particular show.

Additionally, Netflix is ​​trying to crack down on password sharing, which poses another threat to its users, especially those password-sharing liberals.

Finally, the illegal option of piracy will be available to the customers. The advantage of pirated content for users is that it is a smooth and ad-free experience. Also, people don’t shy away from approaching it especially at the current time, when subscription rates are on the rise and there are no chances of a price cut on the horizon.

Netflix has seen a drop in its number of users over the past few months and it doesn’t seem that users who have switched off the service are not watching its series through illegal means.

Furthermore, Netflix seems to have achieved a short-term peak of subscribers during COVID-19, which was unlikely to continue after economies reopen. However, it seems that the company has not accepted this reality as it is trying to increase the numbers and come up with new plans to retain the consumers.

Netflix and Disney are set to rock the TV advertising world

Either way, with Neflix’s latest move, the future of streaming, it seems, has commercials on the horizon.

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