Inclusion in the state Congress!

  • Former TRS leader Vaddepalli Ravi joined in the presence of MP Komatireddy

Nalgonda / Suryapeta, Light: An inclusion in the state Congress party has given a new impetus. Group politics among party seniors in the joint Nalgonda district has once again come to light. Vaddepalli Ravi, who had joined the TRS after working against party candidate Addanki Dayakar in the last elections, joined the Congress on Sunday in the presence of MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy. Dayakar immediately wrote a letter to the PCC president challenging the addition. With this, PCC chief Rewanth Reddy did not at least make an appointment to meet Ravi.

In the presence of MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy ..

Vaddepalli Ravi, who joined TRS as he was not expecting a Tungaturti ticket in the 2018 elections, has been making strenuous efforts to come to his own Gooty for some time. After joining TRS from Congress due to non-receipt of MLA ticket, Ravi contested his wife as Suryapeta Municipal Councilor. Despite hoping for the post of Municipal Chairman, he decided to return to Congress as he did not get proper recognition in the TRS. Ravi, who is expected to contest from Tungaturti in the coming elections, has been campaigning since before to join the party with the support of former minister Damodar Reddy. But unexpectedly without the involvement of Damodar Reddy, Ravi MP Komatireddy joined the Congress in the presence of Venkat Reddy. Vaddepalli Ravi’s admission program to be held at Gandhi Bhavan with the permission of PCC was held at the residence of Bhubaneswar MP Komatireddy. Suryapeta DCC president Venkanna Yadav told a media conference on Sunday that Ravi’s entry was invalid.

Vaddepalli quarrel with Damodar Reddy

Vaddepalli Ravi’s relations with former minister Damodar Reddy have been strained for a long time, his community members say. It is said that the Ravi faction worked in Suryapet against Damodar Reddy in the 2018 elections and the relationship between the two has been severed ever since. However, Ravi, who felt that he needed the support of party leaders to contest from Tungaturti in the coming elections, is rumored to have joined MP Komatireddy Gooty. Ravi has been touring the Tungaturti constituency for some time with photos of the Komatireddy Brothers. Moreover, as Tungaturti constituency is under the purview of MP Komatireddy, it was felt that even the party high command would not obstruct Ravi’s entry. Suryapeta Congress leader and Rewant Reddy’s main supporter Patel Ramesh Reddy is also said to have the support to join Ravi. Ramesh Reddy is also maintaining good relations with Komatireddy against Damodar Reddy. There is talk in party circles that all his opponents in Tungaturti and Suryapeta constituencies are joining Komatireddy Gooty to politically damage Damodar Reddy.

Komatireddy team in Nakirekal too

There is talk in party circles that the Congress party does not have strong candidates in the Tungaturti and Nakirekal SC constituencies and that MP Komatireddy is already pushing for the inclusion of economically strong and popular leaders in the party. In Nakirekal too, Janareddy’s follower, PCC secretary Kondetti Mallya and local leader Daida Ravinder are confident of getting a ticket. It is learned that talks are underway to field a new NRI candidate to replace them by the time of elections.


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