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Increase in patients with respiratory and lung allergies; The nebulizer machines in government hospitals are gone PiPa News

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Increase in patients with respiratory and lung allergies; The nebulizer machines in government hospitals are gone

Karachi: Nebulizer machines are missing in emergency in government hospitals in Karachi, while the health department has not been able to purchase nebulizer machines for the last two years.

In the cold season, the number of patients with different types of allergies, including chest, respiratory, and lung, increases alarmingly in Karachi. There is no system to collect data on affected patients in the official level. Medical experts who treat these diseases say that the number of patients suffering from these diseases has increased by about 20% during the current cold season.

Due to the lack of nebulizer machines in government hospitals, patients of these diseases turn to private hospitals where the cost of nebulizer is 800 to 1000 rupees, while those with low income are forced to buy this machine personally. to maintain their breathing. .

Due to the increasing demand of these machines, the profiteers increased their price by 3 to 5 thousand rupees. These nebulizer machines of different types and quality are available from 8 to 15 thousand rupees, while the prices of medicines or kits used in this machine are also higher. There is an increase of 100 to 200 rupees.

The Express has compiled a report on the shortage of nebulizer machines in hospitals, difficulties faced by patients and rising prices of respiratory drugs.

Asma Shiraz, a resident of Nazimabad, said that the doctor ordered me to do nebulization when I went to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, but there was no nebulization machine available there, I was nebulized for three days.

Regarding this situation, Urban Planner Muhammad Tawheed said that the flu, cold, and flu diseases in Karachi used to last for a few days, but in the last two years, this disease has become a chronic one. which is sick. He said that in the city dust, dust, burning instead of collecting garbage, poor transport system, running of many vehicles that emit smoke, burning wood for cooking at home due to lack of gas will pollute the environment. city

Former Head of Chest Diseases Department at Jinnah Hospital Prof. dr. Nadeem Rizvi admitted that due to air pollution, toxic smoke from cars and factories, burning of other things including garbage and climate change, the people of Karachi are suffering from chest, respiratory, The number of patients with pneumonia and asthma are constantly increasing.

He said that there is no system to collect the data of these patients. He expressed regret that despite knowing, most people smoke, because of which the chest and lung system is severely affected.

Amer, a vendor in the medicine market, said that the demand for nebulizer machines increases during winter and the price of this machine has increased by two to five thousand rupees this winter. Prices of medicines and shortage of medicines have also increased in some areas.

On the other hand, the officials of the health department said that it has been revealed that the government hospitals have not bought nebulizer machines for two years, which is why there are no nebulizer machines in government hospitals in Karachi. apply masks, but this facility is not available in 80% of hospitals in Karachi.

According to the express survey, nebulizer machine is not available in government hospitals established in district and rural areas of Karachi, but in some hospitals, same nebulizer machine is used for different patients.

In the survey, many government officials said that Sindh Government Ibrahim Haidari Hospital, Sindh Government Korangi Hospital, Sindh Government New Karachi Hospital, Malir District, Kemari District, Central District, Western District, Eastern District, South District and Gadap District, including any government. paper and urban Nebulizer machines cannot be used in the hospital.

According to the survey, some doctors said that during November to December in Karachi, more than 4000 patients of respiratory diseases and asthma were reported in hospitals in all districts of Karachi including Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital, among them Civil Hospital and In The Jinnah Hospital, the oxygen point is nebulized through a nebulizing mask, while 90 percent of respiratory patients reported to the emergency department of other hospitals are ordered to steam through steam in private hospitals and homes.

The administration of Jinnah Hospital, Civil Hospital said that the respiratory patients who come in emergency are nebulized by applying the mask through the oxygen point. Meanwhile, district hospital administration in Karachi said that since last two years we have not been provided with nebulizer machine, patients are nebulized with whatever nebulizer machine is available.

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