India is emerging as a powerful country in the world Pipa News

India is emerging as a powerful country in the world

New Delhi: The US White House has reacted to India’s growing influence in the world. A top official of the White House has said that India is not only an ally of the United States of America, but it will also become a major superpower. The US official said that in the last 20 years India-US bilateral relationship has become stronger and closer than any other bilateral relationship.

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Responding to a question about India at a meeting of the Aspen Security Forum here, White House Asia Affairs Coordinator Campbell said that he believes that the bilateral relationship with India will be the most important for the US in the 21st century. A top White House official said, “It is a fact that in the last 20 years I have not seen any bilateral relationship between the US and India, which is deepening and strengthening so rapidly.”

India will emerge as a great power

He said that America needs to use its capacity more. Communication needs to be maintained between people working together on technology and other issues. Campbell said that India would not be an ally of America, it aspired to be an independent, powerful country and would emerge as a great power.

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