India-US military exercise near China border sparks anger at dragon Pipa News

India-US military exercise near China border sparks anger at dragon

– Military exercise near LAC violates spirit of Indo-China border agreement: Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson

New Delhi: Just 100 km from the border near the Chinese border. India-US joint war exercise is underway. Its name is war studies. This is its 18th edition. This has angered China. China on Wednesday said that these military drills, both near the LAC and the border, are a violation of the border agreement between India and China. But the purpose of this war exercise is for the two armies to exchange their capabilities for peacekeeping and disaster relief operations.

However, this is the first time that the US and India are conducting military exercises so close to the border with China.

In this regard, the spokesperson of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Zhao Bijian, said in a media briefing that there is a clear violation of the sentiments between China and India.

It is worth mentioning that when China increased the number of its troops in East Ladakh in 2020, India referred to that agreement and termed it as a violation of the bilateral agreement.

Every year war exercises are conducted between US and Indian armies to exchange techniques and tactics.

The Indian Army tweeted on November 19 that the 18th edition of the Indo-US joint war exercise has started in Auli from today, with the aim of strengthening peacekeeping and disaster relief training.

Before this, in 2021, such a joint war exercise was held in Alaska, USA.

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