Indian Boy ties knot with Pakistani Girl Pipa News

Indian Boy ties knot with Pakistani Girl

In another cross-border love story, an Indian boy tied the knot with a Pakistani girl after they befriended each other through a social media platform, the 24NewsHD TV channel reported on Sunday.

According to details, an Indian boy namely Mohinder Kumar has developed a friendly relationship with a Pakistani girl Sanjogta Kumari, a resident of Sukkar after they decided to marry.

As a result of which, the groom Mahendra Kumar reached Pakistan along with his family to take his bride.

The marriage ceremony of Mahendra Kumar and Sanjogta Kumari was held with great fanfare at a local hall in Sukkur.

The wedding was attended by relatives and friends of the bride and groom and people from the Hindu community belonging to Sindh province.

Sanjogta Kumari along with her husband will go to India in a few days.

Cross-border marriages are not rare and the most prominent example of it is Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik married Indian tennis star, Sania Mirza.

In the past, Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Hassan Khan married the famous Indian actress Reena Roy.


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