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Indian political leaders reject anti-Pakistan narrative, Foreign Office

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has completely rejected the anti-Pakistan narrative of Indian political leaders during the election campaign.

The spokesperson of the Foreign Office, Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, in response to the statements of the Indian leaders, said that during the Lok Sabha election campaign, anti-Pakistan rhetoric has increased to an alarming extent. Totally reject the irresponsible statements of various Indian leaders.

He said that the Jammu and Kashmir conflict and counter-terrorism efforts were discussed in irresponsible statements. The statements cover a range of topics including bilateral relations and nuclear capabilities, while recent statements reflect an unhealthy and entrenched obsession with Pakistan.

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The spokesperson said that these statements show an intention to exploit hyper-nationalism for electoral gains. The statements also reflect a desperate attempt to divert attention from growing domestic and international criticism. The ignorance displayed by India’s leaders exposes a reckless and extremist mindset.

He said this mindset calls into question India’s ability to take responsibility for its own strategic capabilities. Pakistan has clearly demonstrated its commitment to self-defense in the past. If there is any adventure India chooses, Pakistan will not hesitate to do the same in future.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch said that Pakistan’s strategic capabilities are aimed at protecting its sovereignty and defending its territorial integrity. A few months ago, the details of extrajudicial killings by India on Pakistani soil were also exposed. India’s continued emphasis on its readiness to conduct offensive operations inside Pakistan is an admission of guilt.

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