Infosys shows the exit door to freshers in Bengaluru Pipa News

Infosys shows the exit door to freshers in Bengaluru

Bengaluru, Feb 9 (PTI) After corporate Wipro weeded out hundreds of freshers who failed tests, it is now Infosys’ turn to sack probationers if they fail to prove their credentials in internal assessments.

Infosys is reportedly letting go of hundreds of employees who are at the end of their training and have failed internal assessment tests. New recruits will undergo extensive training before being inducted into various teams for full assignments.

Senior employees in the IT company told on the condition of anonymity that despite the economic slowdown and recession, companies are paying more attention to quality and productivity. Therefore, under the circumstances average talent is not preferred.

“In the last two years the corona pandemic has affected education, quality of students and their skills. There is a clear lack of regard for teaching and respect for skills. Many graduates, who have passed out in the last two years, are not in a position to prove themselves and the pressure on trainees is immense,” he points out.

Sources said that freshers are given two chances to clear their assessment. If they fail, they will not be onboarded. Freshers who have been sacked from Infosys, however, say that teams that did not get projects are being asked to leave and those that have projects are not even touched.

Tech industry insiders are of the opinion that this phase is going to last for some time and the pressure on the industry will remain till 2024. Freshers will not enjoy the halcyon days when the job market was hot during the pandemic.

“It is clear that the global economic crisis is real as we can see large companies like Google and Amazon laying off people. This is going to last for some time. Therefore, I believe that the crisis will continue throughout 2023 and even into the first quarter of 2024. It will eventually subside and we will all get back to normal. However, it is going to take some time.

“My suggestion to people looking for a job or to a job seeker is that finding a job now is valuable or should they stay at the job they currently have. It’s a good thing that employees are being retained and They are being valued. If they are valued, they should work hard to ensure that the value is reciprocated,” he said.

“Also, this is the right time for businesses to reduce costs and be frugal. The global economic crisis is something that taught all companies that we should not hire unnecessarily and commit to unnecessary or irrelevant costs. During this type of crisis, companies have to lay off. So, it is better to hire wisely rather than irrationally hiring and firing people,” explained Sumant Prabhu.

IT giant Wipro has laid off over 400 new hires for poor performance in internal assessment tests in January. The company had issued termination letters to all the employees saying that despite adequate training the candidates had failed to perform.

The termination letter stated that the employees are liable to pay the training expenses of Rs 75,000 which the company has incurred on them. But the amount is being forgiven.

Commenting on the development, Wipro had clarified that, Wipro takes pride in holding itself to the highest standards. Everyone’s goal is set according to the standards. Every entry-level employee is expected to have a certain level of proficiency in their assigned area of ​​work. The appraisal process involves aligning employees with customer needs and the business objectives of the organization.


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