Innocent Sonu gave ‘knowledge’ to the CM on education and prohibition, said- Sir listen no salute… PiPa News

Innocent Sonu gave ‘knowledge’ to the CM on education and prohibition, said- Sir listen no salute…

Patna: Sir listen na salam…don’t want to teach us Guardian. We want to read There is no education in government schools. Want to study in private school but don’t have money to study. He himself teaches and teaches children. He also wishes for further studies, but the Guardian does not teach him. With this problem, he reached Kalyan Vigha to meet Chief Minister Nitish Kumar while riding a bicycle. Told his words with innocence with folded hands to the CM. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar was also surprised to hear the words of the child, he gave necessary instructions to the officials.

Sonu told that even before this CM had come to Harnaut, then he had not met at that time and returned to his house disappointed. He says that there is no education in government schools. Mastersaheb alone does not know how to teach. Deepak sir who doesn’t even know English. How promising the children are is reflected in the fact that the innocent Sonu, after studying in the sixth standard, meets the expenses of his studies by giving education to about forty children up to the fifth standard. At the same time, seeing the courage of this small child, from the officer to the leader, they were stunned. The child is promising, he wants to do further studies in a good school. But his financial condition is very bad. He does not want to study in a government school.

Sir! Listen Na Pranam… Hearing the voice of the child from the crowd, see how Nitish Kumar was also shocked. The Chief Minister was listening to the problems of the people in the public dialogue program at Upgraded Middle School, Kalyan Bigha (Nalanda). 11-year-old Sonu is a resident of Nalanda district. Which is being discussed everywhere.

Kumar Gautam reports from Patna


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