Inspiring Inspiration-2023 : CP Subbarayudu Pipa News

Inspiring Inspiration-2023 : CP Subbarayudu

Prerna 2023, launched by the Karimnagar Police Commissionerate, aims to create awareness about drug-addicted youth turning into criminals, loan app scams, cybercrime incidents and career guidance. The program was organized at Algunur Unnati Convention in collaboration with Alforce Educational Institutions and Shayan Media Organizations. A thousand people were directly educated with the life stories of those who rose to prominence in various fields and more than one lakh people across the Commissionerate watched it live on LED screens. The guests appreciated Karimnagar CP Subbarayudu who organized the event. In today’s society, youth, students and majority of people from rural areas are addicted to addictions. They get sick by using drugs. They are also being subjected to scams and cybercrime of loan apps. He said that ‘Prerana 2023’ will be taken up to bring change among such people. He said that this program has gone down in history. He said that the life stories of those who have achieved success in various fields have been created and awareness has been created. CP Subbaraidu said that it was arranged for the benefit of the youth. The goal is to lead the youth on the right path and make the future bright.

More than 100,000 people have watched it.
A thousand students from degree, engineering, medical and PG colleges across the commissionerate did not attend the program organized at AMMAR Unnati Convention in Algunur. 11 am to pm
Up to programs, people who have achieved success in various fields have created awareness. LED screens have been set up in colleges and different areas to allow one lakh people to participate in this program through the Zoom app.

Celebrities who directed
Minister Gangula Kamalakar inaugurated the motivational program presided over by Karimnagar Police Commissioner Subbarayu and guided the students. Celebrities who have achieved success in various fields, personality development experts and psychologists participated. Experts Yandamuri Veerendranath, Anil Rachamalla, Mithun Kumar, K Ankit, Gampa Nageswara Rao, Captain Madhusudan Reddy, Thota Murali and others were present and imparted awareness on various topics. Additional DCP (Peace Security) S. Srinivas, ACPs Tula Srinivasa Rao, Karunakar Rao, P. Pratap, SBI G Venkateshwarlu, Inspectors Lakshmi Babu, Damodar Reddy and police officials participated in the program.

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