International Tiger Day: Chief Minister declare Mahadeshwar Betta Wildlife Sanctuary as a tiger reserve

Chamarajanagar (June 29): Today is International Tiger Day. Conservation of the tiger at the top of the food chain will lead to the survival of biodiversity. Forest conservation will be done. In this background, many countries signed an agreement at a summit held in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 29, 2010, to raise awareness about the global decline of tigers and protect the natural habitats of tigers. These countries have announced to double the number of tigers by the end of 2022. Since then, International Tiger Day has been celebrated on July 29 every year.

There are 524 tigers in Karnataka

Presently the state of Karnataka is second in the country in terms of number of tigers which is our national animal.In 2006 there were 1411 tigers in India. Then the number of tigers in Karnataka was 290. In 2010, there were 1706 tigers in the country, of which 300 were in Karnataka. In 2014, there were 2226 tigers in the country, 406 in Karnataka and in 2018, there were 2967 tigers in the country, 524 in Karnataka, which is a hopeful development. The tiger estimation survey is conducted once in four years and the tiger estimation survey for the current period has already been completed and the official list has to come out and it is expected that the number of tigers in the country will increase further.

There are 25 to 30 tigers in Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

In order to protect tigers, five forests like Bandipur, Nagarhole, Bhadra, B.R.T., and Anashi-Dandeli have been declared as tiger protected areas and many conservation measures are in place. It is estimated that there may be 25 to 30 tigers in the Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary of Chamarajanagar district and the National Tiger Conservation Authority has already given the green light to the proposal to declare this wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve. But the state government is counting on Pisces to agree.

As a result of several conservation measures, Nagarhole Bandipur, B.R.T. And the number of wildlife in Sathyamangalam forests of Tamil Nadu has increased. Thus, the wild animals migrating from there are camping in Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. Male Mahadeshwar forest is suitable for wildlife habitat and the number of tigers has increased recently Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is more than nine hundred square kilometers 30 percent larger than Nagarahole and 10 percent larger than Bandipur, the number of tigers in Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is increasing year by year.

The government has not taken action so far

The file to declare Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary as a tiger reserve came before the Cabinet meeting held in March last. It was left to the Chief Minister’s discretion to take the final decision whether to declare a tiger reserve or not under any pressure or approval. But the fact that the Chief Minister has not taken any action in this regard is naturally disappointing

Along with this, the declaration of the 6th tiger reserve in the state has fallen on the back burner. Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai, who is concerned about the protection of the environment and the animals and birds, should declare the Malemahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary as a tiger reserve even on the occasion of the International Tiger Day, thereby contributing to the Global Tiger Day and making the Tiger Day more meaningful. wish

The number of wildlife here is increasing

It was the site of the forest thief Veerappan two decades ago.. Since Veerappan’s death, poaching has decreased. Besides, the number of wild animals, including tigers, is increasing due to the strict measures taken by the forest department. More than 150 lakes have been constructed within the Male Mahadeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary.

600 km game road has been constructed. Solar fences and trenches have been constructed to prevent hunters and herdsmen from entering the forest. Above all, the presence of Ever Green and Shola Forest in Mahadeshwar Hills is tailor-made for tiger conservation and it will be more meaningful if it is recognized as a Tiger Reserve on this occasion of International Day.

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