International Year Of Millets 2023: Agriculture Minister appeals to include nutritious grains in diet Agriculture Minister appeal to add millets in daily food international year of millets 2023

A nutritious grain crop festival was organized in Delhi. On the occasion, Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said that millet is cultivated well even in low water, it is a climate friendly crop. Therefore, attention should be paid to its cultivation.

Organizing a nutritious grain culinary festival

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Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has said that nutritious grains should regain a place of honor in our dinner plates. On the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the United Nations has declared the year 2023 as the International Year of Nutritious Cereals, under which a group of ministers has also been entrusted by the Prime Minister to promote nutritious grains. Many programs have been organized by the central government at the local, state, national and international levels.

Union Minister Tomar said this at the Nutri-Grain Pak Festival at Delhi Haat today. Organized by the Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, this culinary festival is a major step towards the India-led celebration of the International Year of Nutri-Grains (IYoM) – 2023, where the use of millet in various dishes was showcased through a live cookery. In which well-known cooks from different parts of the country also participated. Through the festival, the general public is getting a chance to taste the nutritious and delicious dishes made from millets.

The festival will continue till 31st July

Information about nutrition is being given during this festival at Dilli Haat. It is also a great opportunity for the environmental benefits of millet, an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship and nutritious grains in the regular diet plan for common people, in which many startups and other partners have also participated. Various attractions of the festival including panel discussions, street plays and quiz competitions on the theme ‘Business Prospects and Potential for Small Scale Industries and Entrepreneurs’ are being held to promote the virtues of millets. The festival will last till July 31.

Yields even in dry conditions

With minimal water use, low carbon footprint and drought conditions, millet yields are feasible, making it a climate-friendly crop. Millets constitute an alternative food system in an era of increasing demand for vegetarian food. Millets contribute to a balanced diet as well as a safe environment. This is nature’s gift to mankind. Millet B-complex is a storehouse of micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are lacking.

Millet is the food of the poor

Tomar, the chief guest at the festival organized in association with ICAR-IIMR, IHM (Pusa) and IFCA, said that millets should not be discarded as food of the poor, but should be reminded. The importance of yoga has spread throughout the world through India. It should be propagated in this way because it is very important in terms of health. India is a leading producer and consumer of the millet crop and its products. The Agriculture Minister said that I hope many more such events will spread awareness about the consumption of millet and its health benefits.


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