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Investigation of land given to fishmongers started

Web Desk: The relocation of the fish market from Chowk Yadgar outside the city has become a headache for the administration, while after taking notice from the metropolitan administration, an investigation has also been started on the government land being sold to the fish vendors at the Hashatnagari railway gate. In Hashtnagari railway gate, the vegetable vendors have occupied the footpath by removing the government forests, while the vegetable vendors have sold the government land to fish vendors. Due to the encroachment of vegetable vendors in Hashtnagari railway gate, the citizens are facing difficulties in transportation.
All the paperwork and other steps to transfer from Ghanta Ghar to Fish Market Ring Road have become futile. Due to the closure of the road in the morning due to the fish market in Ghanta Ghar, the students are facing severe difficulties. The operation by the district administration has remained nominal in Ghanta Ghar, Karimpura, Jhanda Bazar, Chowk Yadgar.