IRCTC blocks 1,24,891 personal user IDs, reason is shocking Pipa News

IRCTC blocks 1,24,891 personal user IDs, reason is shocking

New delhi date. 1 May 2023, Monday

Every year as soon as the summer vacation starts, people go somewhere with their families. The mode of travel for most of them is train. That’s why people plan their travel during holidays and book train tickets in advance. Those who cannot do so, fall victim to last-minute ticket scams and black marketing. Taking advantage of this opportunity, ticket brokers book tickets in advance, so that they can make huge profits in time.

Firstly, due to increasing crowd of passengers, most of the people are deprived of getting confirmed tickets in the train. So the ticket broker takes care of this.

IRCTC and RPF team have come into action mode to crack down on these brokers and stop the black market of tickets. Under this scheme, IRCTC has blocked 1,24,891 personal user IDs in March.

According to the information, black marketing was being done by booking more tickets than the rule through this ID. At the same time, to curb the black market of tickets, the RPF of Delhi Division has registered 65 cases by conducting swift raids in several cities.

According to officials, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Adarsh ​​Nagar are witnessing the highest number of cases of black marketing of tickets. According to IRCTC, an Internet Ticketing Entry Fraud Team has been formed to prevent ticket brokering, which is monitoring Tatkal ticket bookings daily and blocking IPs of suspicious logins.

It has blocked 1,24,891 personal user IDs in March. Along with this, users who book tickets in the first second during the Tatkal period are being monitored. Also their data is being collected. According to the officials, the rules are to book only 6 tickets for Tatkal booking in a month through personal user ID.

65 cases came up

With a view to crack down on brokers, Delhi Divisional RPF officials have formed teams for different railway stations, which have started keeping tabs on suspicious people around the stations.

Senior DSC Priyanka Sharma said that a total of 65 cases have been registered so far. Action is being taken against the accused by filing a report. During the month-long operation, the RPF personnel have successfully monitored and nabbed black marketers of tickets secretly. According to officials, the arrested accused have user IDs with many names.

This is how brokers do black marketing…

An RPF official said that black marketing of tickets created user IDs with different names. This game is taking place in Tatkal tickets only. Actually, the rule is that the Tatkal ticket window opens at 11.15 am for IRCTC agents. While booking of Tatkal tickets for Personal ID starts from 11 am only. Taking advantage of this, brokers black market the tickets.

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