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Minster Tension: The upcoming elections in Andhra Pradesh have been taken very ambitiously by the ruling YCP and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party. All parties are taking steps to win. As a part of this, the ministers are also calculating the wins and losses in the upcoming elections. If there is any doubt, they are focusing on alternatives. Recently, the same discussion is going on in the case of a key minister. Has he decided to leave the sitting seat by the next election? That’s why they found a safe zone and started turning the political wheel there? Or is there any other reason behind the cadre revolt against the MLA..? Looking at the shifting equations, it seems yes. After all, who is the minister.. and won’t there be a campaign that he has accepted defeat even before changing the seat..? What is his plan?

Currently, the politics in the joint Visakha District is creating chaos. Politics is heating up at Mantri Gudivada Amarnath centre. Amarnath (Gudivada Amaranath), who is currently Anakapalli MLA, recently got an opportunity in the cabinet. Managing key heavy industries and IT departments. Various coalitions came together in his selection even though he was much senior to him. Since then, the senior MLAs in the district have been adamant about Amarnath. As such, there is no questioning the High Command’s decision.

It should be said that Yalamanchili MLA Kannababu Raju comes first in this list. There is a campaign going on that he will not get a ticket due to age and other reasons. Moreover, it seems that clear instructions have come from the high command. That is why the MLA’s son, former DCC chairman Sukumar Verma is being introduced as a prospective candidate. Sukumar Varma is also becoming active in constituency politics. Politics took a turn from here.

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But there is a local campaign that Minister Amarnath is trying to leave Anakapalli and contest in the neighboring Yalamanchili in the next election. It seems that recently he asked the leadership to speak his mind and look into it. Because the Kapu and Gawara communities are currently holding the YCP in Yalamanchili, which determines Gero Selupu’s defeat. In the local elections, the MPTCs, including the municipality, were swept clean. Amarnath’s activities have increased in Yalamanchili constituency recently as a minister.

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At the same time, Amarnath was not without complications in Anacapalli. Here the Kapu community is the voting majority but the deciding factor is the governors. Amarnath got support from all sections in the last election. Ex-minister Thadhar Veerabhadra Rao’s work coincided with giving opportunity to Bhishetti Satyavathy from Gawara community as an MP. After that, the minister had a gap with the attack group and Satyavatham. Amar reconciled with Satyavathamma to reduce it. Recently in every assembly the MP is cultivating sentiments by claiming that she is like her mother. But the minister’s distance with the attack group does not seem to be diminishing. Ratnakar, the son of Thad, is hoping for an assembly ticket in the next election. If there is a class war due to this, are you afraid that there is a risk of getting into trouble in the first place..?

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As the sitting MLA of Yalamanchili, Kannababu Raju is criticized openly by his own leaders. Complaining to the District Collector that the MLA was cooperating in illegal gravel mining in Rambilli and some other areas became a discussion. There is a strong propaganda that Minister Amarnath is behind these accusations and criticisms. Recently, the minister has been in touch with many Yalamanchili leaders. If there are any problems or difficulties, the minister makes visits from time to time. That is why the discussion is going on that Minister Amarnath is hoping for Yalamanchili ticket.

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