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Is transgenderism a crime? The temple banned the marriage of the 3rd gender!

Neelan Krishna – Advika

When two third-sex couples went to get married in Kerala, the temple authorities denied them permission.

Neelan Krishna and Aadvika are lovers from Kerala. Both of them are of the third gender and have decided to get married.

After completing the formalities, arrangements were made to get married on Thursday (November 24) at Kachamkurichi Maha Vishnu Temple in Kollangode area. Many people were notified that the marriage would take place in the temple by publishing the marriage newspaper.

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In this case, the temple administration refused to allow them to tie thali inside the temple. Thus, they got married in a private hall near the temple.

Talking about this, temple administrator Mohanan said, Kachamkurichi Temple is functioning under the Malabar Devasam Board. Thus, people belonging to the third gender are not preferred for marriage. He mentioned that they are not allowed to tie thali inside the temple.

After making the wedding arrangements and inviting everyone, they were denied permission to tie the thali, so their wedding took place at the nearby Sengundar wedding hall. Talking about this, Neelan Krishna said that we did not get anyone’s support. The temple authorities are standing against us. They refuse to give permission to tie thali inside the temple. Is it our fault to be born transgender? He questioned.

Neelan Krishna and Advika work in a private company in Kollangode. Neelan Krishna is from Alappuzha and Advika is from Thiruvananthapuram. 150 people including Aadhvika’s parents came for the wedding. But Neelan Krishna, who belongs to the 3rd gender, feels pained that all of them have to be protected due to the denial of permission by the temple administration.


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