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Islamabad administration’s refusal to allow helicopter landing at parade ground

General Headquarters said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan’s helicopter has no objection to landing in the parade ground. This area falls under the CDA limits, take permission from them, however, the district administration of Islamabad refused to give permission for the helicopter land.

Regarding PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s landing at the parade ground on behalf of GHQ, he said that Tehreek-e-Insaf should seek permission from the district administration as the parade ground falls within their limits. GHQ has no objection to helicopter landing.

On the other hand, the district administration gave conditional permission to PTI for the rally and refused to allow helicopter landing at the parade ground.

The Islamabad administration has issued a notification in this regard according to which the parade ground is a highly sensitive area and there is no helipad there. 36 Rallies will be allowed to reach Rawalpindi through specific routes subject to conditions and conditions.

The notification also directed the party chairman to submit an affidavit based on the signed conditions in the district commissioner’s office by tomorrow.

If the affidavit is not submitted, the permit will be cancelled.

Also, the district administration has imposed Section 144 in Islamabad for another two months under which there will be a complete ban on any kind of rally, jalsa procession or protest in Islamabad.

According to the notification issued in this regard, 5 or more people should not gather even in the red zone for rally or meeting.

According to the notification, Section 144 has been implemented till January 23, 2023. The ban on Section 144, which was already in effect in Islamabad, ended last evening.

Apart from this, it has also been decided to close the federal capital by installing containers from important places.

Faizabad will be completely sealed by placing containers on all four sides, the entrances from Faizabad, Coral Chowk and 26 Chongi will be closed from today, 20 thousand people will be posted at the main entrances including Faizabad.

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