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ITA felicitated the women health workers of the tea garden

Nagarakata: right in front International Women’s Day. before that North Bengal Indian Tea Association (ITA) felicitated women health workers working in tea garden hospitals. An online seminar was also organized by the organization on Thursday. Women health workers were honored there. The women health workers from Mokaibari in Pahar to Goerkata tea garden in Duars are very happy to receive recognition and recognition of their work from ITA. ITA chairperson Nayantara Palchoudhury said, ‘The contribution of women health workers in tea garden health services is huge. Because they exist, gardeners can rest assured. This honor was given to them on the eve of International Women’s Day in recognition of their work. Jeevan Pandey, chairman of Doors Branch of ITA, said, Bagan Women health workers This will be honored in the future as well.

Meena Tamang, health worker of Mokaibari tea garden, said, “This honor increased the responsibility.” In the words of Batabari Bagan health worker Sushmita Sharma, ‘I never thought I would get such an honor.’ On the other hand, ITA said, besides North Bengal, women health workers in tea plantations in Assam will also be felicitated.

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