‘It’s another level’: KW Titans hopefuls take to the field as tryouts get underway Pipa News


‘It’s another level’: KW Titans hopefuls take to the field as tryouts get underway

The KW Titans are preparing to take the field for another season of hooping, and while some players slam dunk, others are trying to earn a spot on the team.

On Wednesday, the KW Titans tested their talent with players like Jayden Greywal.

“It’s a different level than playing at the college level in Canada,” said Greywal. “It’s fast. The athletics are off the charts at this gym.”

Coaches put players from Atlanta to Toronto to the test on the first day of training camp.

“Playing at the University of Waterloo for the past five years has given me the opportunity to experience the basketball community here, and it’s just amazing. It explodes,’ said Greywal.

He added: “It is difficult to find opportunities. I mean, I look abroad, I search everywhere, but if there is something here in my backyard. I can’t say enough how much of a blessing it is.”

Sixteen players were invited to camp, but the coaches will narrow that down to a final roster of twelve.

“Guys worked hard man,” said KW Titans Head Coach Cliff Clinkscales. “You could see the boys were out for a while, but for the first day it wasn’t too bad.”

Add: “It’s okay. Everyone brings their toughness from where they come from, and that’s what matters. So everyone brings something from the city they grew up in.”

Kitchener’s Juwan Miller said it is important for the KW Titans to develop their team chemistry.

“A couple of teams have already played 12 games so they already have a bit of team chemistry so it’s essential for us to start, you know, to get team chemistry here, to understand what a player likes to do in certain situations so when When you’re in that situation, you don’t have to guess what they’re going to do,” Miller said.

The KW Titans will go to court on February 20 for their home opener on March 1.

For the first tip, it will take some practice to get into game shape.

“It can be very tough. Lots of running. Lots of up and down. Change of pace. It is sometimes hard on the body. Even though you prepare for it, you never know what’s going to happen,” said Miller.

The KW Titans are entering their sixth season, and this is their first with a new owner.

The owners are also making a documentary to tell the team’s story.

“We take a lot of things from scratch, from scratch and starting from scratch,” said David Schooley, co-owner of the KW Titans.

Schooley said once you’re on court, and once you’re close to it, it’s hard to let go.