JABALPUR smart city JBP COLLECTOR JBP ADMINISTRATIN JABALPUR DISTRICT | The metropolis will take shape with the addition of four highways and 82 villages

This will be the advantage The greatest benefit of the Greater Ring Road will be for the people who change from one highway to another. They will not need to pass through congested areas within the city for this. Unnecessary pressure will also reduce in the city.

Opportunities for expansion of the metropolis will also increase. The government and the administration will have more options to expand to avoid the increasing density and jam situation in certain areas. This will make a big difference in the picture of the city.

At a glance, the picture of about 108.77 km is clear, the road will pass through 82 villages, the road will be made about 125 km long, the ring road will be 200 feet, the width of the road

04 will connect the national highway 03 thousand crore construction cost Target to complete the construction in 28 months (after the start of the work) understand the circle of ring road from 1 to 16 km

Villages covered – Between Manegaon to Barela (Goraighat, Katiyaghat, Goraiah, Tilhari, Paraswara, Bhatauli) 16 to 22.4 kms. Villages included – Guraiya, Amjhar, Luhkari, Kivalari, Mahgwan, Mahegwa 24.4 to 63 kms included Villages- Pipariya, Dagadga, Nanakheda, Antakheda, Rampur Nakatiya, Mangeli, Manegaon, Samad Pipariya, Tikhari, Neemkheda, Kosamghat, Kalgodi, Indra, Partla, Mahgaon, Richhai, Junwani, Tilhari, Bhatoli, Tiaghat, Barela, Ghutia.

Villages covering 63 to 76 km- Khairi, Tilwara, Lalpur, Dudwara, Khulri, Hinauta, Dighora. Villages covered from 76 to 89.2 km- Imliya, Karari Mankuwara, Simaria Karari, Sahasan, Richhai, Nunsar, Sigantalai, Khajwahi, Mudiya, Jarond.

Villages covered from 89.2 to 108.77 km – Hinota, Bhidari Kalan, Singod, Elbow, Nunia Kala, Garda, Khiria, Kariwah, Salaya, Imlai, Ponia, Chhatarpur, Sakri, Sunderpur, Dudi Pipariya, Tilgwan. The construction work of Ring Road will be done between Manegaon and Barela in the first phase. Notification has already been issued by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for the construction of four lane road. The final DPR of the project is being prepared.

Sumesh Banjal, Project Incharge, NHAI



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