Jack Dorsey launched BlueSky, a social media platform to compete with Twitter Pipa News

Jack Dorsey launched BlueSky, a social media platform to compete with Twitter

BLUESKY JACK DORSEY: Ending all speculations about rejoining Twitter as Twitter’s new CEO under new owner Musk, Jack Dorsey has now presented his alternative Twitter to the world. Dorsey, who stepped down as CEO of Twitter in November 2021, was rumored to be returning to Twitter following his growing friendship with new Twitter chief Elon Musk. However, the situation now is that Musk can be seen not as an ally but as a competitor. Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky, which maintains Twitter’s blueness, is now available on the Apple App Store in a testing phase.

According to a TechCrunch report, the upcoming micro-blogging platform BlueSky is available as an invite-only beta on the App Store. This is an indication that the app will soon be launched as a public platform. BlueSky shared a blog in October last year detailing the protocol powering the app.

BlueSky was designed as a new decentralized social media protocol. As the blog stated, “BlueSky was created to build a social protocol. In the spring we introduced the first iteration of the protocol, “ADX”. Over the summer we refined and simplified ADX’s design, and today we’re sharing a preview of what’s to come. “

A protocol is a set of basic rules or standards governing the way devices or software communicate with each other. In this case the protocol will define how social media platforms or users will communicate with each other using BlueSky.

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According to app intelligence firm data.ai, the BlueSky app was released on February 17 and has more than 2000 installs for testing. It is also similar to Twitter in terms of user interface. Twitter asks “What’s up?”, BlueSky asks “What’s up?”

According to reports, “BlueSky users can block, share and mute accounts just like Twitter. However, users don’t yet have the option to add people to lists. Apart from this, users get “Who to Follow” suggestions. Another tab takes you to the notification bar. , which includes likes, reposts, follows, and replies, just like Twitter. However, unlike Twitter, Dorsey’s platform does not yet have a DM option.”

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