Jagan’s government is dealt a blow in the High Court Pipa News


Jagan’s government is dealt a blow in the High Court

The High Court quashed the government’s notices after arguments

ap high court
ap high court

The Jagan government was dealt a blow in the Amaravati AP High Court. The High Court held a hearing on the dissolution of the Commercial Tax Employees’ Union on Monday. The High Court today suspended the notices issued by the AP government recently asking why the recognition of the employees’ union should not be cancelled. Recently, the State President of the Service Association of the Commercial Taxes Department, Government Employees’ Union, Suryanarayana went to the High Court alleging that the government is engaging in factionalism.

Lawyers for them argued that the government is giving notices if they protest. He reminded that in the past, he had met the governor regarding the salaries of the employees and that he had received notices from the government on this issue as well. After hearing arguments from both sides, the court suspended the government’s notice. Umesh Chandra and Ravi Prasad argued on behalf of the employees.