jobs in canada, best jobs in the world; Salary Rs 62 lakhs and work only… – world’s best job get paid rs 65 lakhs for candy tasting in canada

Everyone wants a job where they can have fun. But only a few lucky ones get such a job. So one such job has been started by a company in Canada, this job is being discussed all over the world. The job will involve just sitting at home tasting candies and will earn 78,000 US Dollars per annum which is about Rs 62 Lakhs. From children to adults, this work is a craze. Even children are eligible for this job; Kids are applying for this job by creating their profile. But there is a downside for you that you cannot apply for this job as this offer is only for North American residents.

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Candy Funhouse has started this job. This is an online Canadian candy shop that sells candies worldwide. This company is looking for a Chief Candy Officer. This officer will lead a team of product test testers. Funhouse spokeswoman Vanessa Jankiejewski-Robella said the company was looking for a candiologist last year. who will initially be the test examiners. There are currently three people on this post.

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Role of Chief Candy Officer
Currently the company is looking for a Chief Candy Officer. Their job will be to guide the Candiologist. They will approve all kinds of new products. Apart from this they can organize staff meetings if needed. He will also serve as the chief test examiner, Robella said.

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Who can apply?
Any person aged five years or above can apply for this job. So it has created a lot of craze among children too. Some families said their children created profiles on LinkedIn just for this job. This job involves tasting 3500 candies in your own home. Candy Funhouse has received over 1 lakh applications in just two weeks. The person selected will be given special training. In this, the test buds of the person’s tongue will be prepared to taste the candy. However, this job can only be applied for from North America.


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