Kadva Patels run their own community court for the last 16 years – News18 Gujarati Pipa News


Kadva Patels run their own community court for the last 16 years – News18 Gujarati

Ashish Parmar Junagadh : Umia Reconciliation Panch Trust was established on 11 August 2006 under the leadership of Mohanbhai Patel (M.La Patel) for the bitter Patidar community in Junagadh district 16 years ago. The commission was launched on 14 October 2006.

Through this panch, the ongoing debates of the society, the incident of family violence, disputes between husband and wife, disputes between property and brothers, disputes of farm shares and other miscellaneous disputes can be settled through persuasion. This organization is still functioning continuously today. Not only is the case registration fee charged as per the current inflation but the issues of relationships and properties worth lakhs or crores are also settled here. Kantibhai Phaldu and Savjibhai Menpara (Chartered Accountants) are taking charge of the organization after the demise of its founder trustee Mohanbhai Patel in March 2021.

So far 1254 cases have been presented

Till date 1254 cases have come before this Community Court since the establishment of this Conciliation Commission. Out of which 985 cases have been settled which are acceptable to both the parties. About 60% of the cases which were settled were pending in different courts of Gujarat state and these cases were placed before the conciliation commission after not finding a satisfactory settlement in the court for a long time. Pursuant to which all these court cases have been taken back from the court as amicable settlement has been reached after placing the entire case.

Such fee has to be paid for the case

Whether it is a case of lakhs or crores or anything before the conciliation commission, only 500 rupees is accepted as a registration fee, which fee has also been increased for the last two years only, before the increase, the fee was only 250 rupees.

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What is a committee? And how many members are there in the commission

It is a conciliation commission of bitter Patidar society in which different types of disputes going on in the society are settled amicably. Here there are six panels of the total legal committee under which each panel has two members approximately 25 cases are heard in a month. The main achievement of the Panch is that after the amicable settlement, when everything is settled, people call in front and express their heartfelt thanks.

A happy settlement of 23 years of married life was made

A couple in Upleta village near Junagadh had a happy married life of 23 years but when a question arose during their normal conversation, the couple had a quarrel, the matter came before the Umia Reconciliation Commission, the members of the commission persuaded the couple to remarry after which the couple is now happily married. are living and both their children are currently settled in Australia.

Accreditation was honored by the Gujarat High Court

This institution has got accreditation certificate from Gujarat State Legal Authority Board and Gujarat High Court which is also renewed every year. After giving this certificate Caste Based Reconciliation Commission transfers the case before the Court to the Reconciliation Commission for settlement. Amicable and early resolution is achieved in conciliation commissions rather than adjudicating court cases.

Village to Village Conciliation Assistant

This commission has appointed a conciliation officer in each village of the district, whose number is around 350. This conciliation officer takes any such dispute from his own village before the Umia Reconciliation Commission and tries to persuade to resolve the dispute.

1254 cases in 16 years means an average of 78 cases in a year under which 985 cases out of 1254 cases have been amicably settled in 16 years. That means 61 out of 78 cases can be said to be settlement ratio

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