Kamalam is a new route in AP – the leader who says “Sy” to alliances.. Pipa News

Kamalam is a new route in AP – the leader who says “Sy” to alliances..

(Amaravati, Andhra Prabha Special Correspondent) – In Andhra Pradesh, the conditions for forming an electoral alliance with Telugu Desam and Jana Senal are becoming clear in BJP. So far the main parties in this state namely Vaikapa, Telugu Desam and Janasena are directly or indirectly acting in favor of BJP at the Centre. All 25 Lok Sabha members of the state are also supporting the BJP government. The belief that whichever party comes to power here will stay within their limits when they reach the central level, the BJP has been at the helm so far. But now Modi and Amit Shah are not satisfied with all that. Both of them are expressing their desire to make BJP a dominant force in AP as well. The BJP has long had a desire to establish its own base here. For this to materialize, BJP must first win some Lok Sabha and Legislative Assembly seats in the state. Alliance with Telugu Desam and Janasena is the only way for this. In 2024 elections too, there are chances that BJP will win again at the national level. Meanwhile, there is no representation from Andhra Pradesh in the present central cabinet. The Union Ministers from neighboring Telangana are also fixing the affairs of AP at the national level. There is no suitable person available for BJP to take into the central cabinet from this state. With this, the BJP in the state will be nominal in the same way in the future
The leadership recognized the danger of being left behind. It has decided to save the state BJP from this situation. To this extent, the state party has already received signals from the leadership.

In the last general election, BJP contested alone in AP. But after the election, that party formed an alliance with the Jana Sena. But this continues to be only a nominal reconciliation. The Jana Sena has brought up the proposal that the anti-government vote should not be split in the upcoming elections. He is preparing to tie up with TDP for this. But keeping in mind the differences with Chandrababu in the past, AP BJP is opposing this combination. Repeatedly reporting the same to the central leadership. AP BJP leaders are repeatedly declaring that their alliance is with the Jana Sena or only with the people. The administration which had approved their suggestions so far has now changed its course. If this is limited, there will be no opportunities for BJP to expand in the state. It has decided to prepare for the competition with alliances.

Currently, the unofficial alliance between BJP and Vaikapal is continuing in AP. The 22 members of the Lok Sabha who have passed away are standing behind the BJP government at the Centre. They are voting in favor of the approval of the bills introduced by the government. They never considered BJP as an opposition party. No comments were made against BJP. Also Vaikapa is not ready to openly ally with BJP in the state. The support of Christians and Muslims in the state has been overwhelming. Jagan is afraid of losing their support if he joins the BJP. With this, Vaikapa does not dare to enter into the ring by forming a direct alliance with the BJP except as a veiled affair. At this stage, it seems that the BJP leadership is also ready to join the already almost finalized alliance between Chandrababu and Pawan. Thus, it seems that the BJP leadership’s aim is to contest for at least 10 Lok Sabha and 25 seats in the Legislative Assembly in the 2024 elections and lay a foundation in the state.

Also, warnings have already been issued to the leadership of the state, which is announcing that Sasemira will not be able to meet with Chandrababu. The party leadership made it clear to them that if they believe in the leadership of the state, there will be no growth for their party in AP. BJP is not a regional party of any clan or family. A party with a national perspective. Decisions on alliances and other issues are made at the national level. Local issues are not taken into account by the administration. Also, in the last four years, none of the leaders who are trying to elevate the party in the state have been able to achieve even one percent of their efforts in that direction. Still the party’s vote bank in the state is limited to only 0.84 percent. AP leadership has failed miserably in attracting strong leaders from other parties as in neighboring Telangana. The leadership of AP has never been able to take efforts to bring strong leaders for themselves and include them in the party, except for blowing in the ears of the leadership that they don’t have them.. They don’t have them. The party has further shrunk due to factions and quarrels among the above ten people. It is reliable information that at this stage Telugu Desam, which is available to expand the party in Andhra Pradesh as well as Jana Senal, has come to a reasonable decision. The belief that the BJP will also emerge as a strong party in the state if this alliance is established is already evident among the seniors of the party.

Clarity of TDP, Janasena on BJP alliance only after Karnataka results.

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